It Is A Mans

It Is A Mans World

It Is A Man's is a simplified alternative site that welcomes the Man's World view as a traditional value of the past and present. This site was created as a tongue & cheek site for the Man's World to voice their opinions as well as make comments, It Is A Mans World site that is politically incorrect in todays society. It Is A Mans World site offers a fun and traditional view of men's masculinity.

It Is A Mans World..... Get Over It!

A Woman's Job is Whatever a Man says it is....

Only a Man Can Use a Remote with Distinction

A Beer Mug was Created for a Man

Skid Marks are Man's Signature!

Multi Task..... Well honey "Forget About It"

A Man's Home is His Castle

A Man's Gotta Do What A Man's Gotta Do

Man's Best Friend.......The Dog     

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